Al Howe
Life Drawing & Painting

2005 Life Painting

I took a life painting class in 2005. It was quite a learning experience on how to paint with acrylics. The last time I had painted with acrylics was in 1991.

With most of the pictures I've included a close-up detail.









This was the final painting in the class. I am very happy with how the face came out, but wish I had had more time to spend on the body and background.

I refer to this picture as the Mechanical Angel, even though it's only her wings that are mechanical.

For this pose the model was wearing a tuxedo and holding a cigarette. Being not too fond of smoking, I changed it to him holding fire. That plus the suit, with a little work on the face, turned him into the Lord of Flies himself. The model loved it.

This model is Ray, the original satyr from 2001.

This model looked Polynesian. The painting was completed in 2 hours.

When the model is posed looking away from you, as well as a bright glaring light blinding you, it usually doesn't make for a great pose. Fortunately I was able to turn this into something almost inspirational.