Al Howe
Life Drawing & Painting

2003 Life Drawing

The teacher in this class preferred simple poses, but the pictures were still fun to draw. One of the best things about changing the models into fantasy beings (or sometimes sci-fi) is that the models love it. The teachers find it a bit bizarre at first, but soon accept it.

Each of these pictures was done in one class, about 2 hours. Some of the pictures at the bottm were two pictures in 2 hours.









A Robot Angel, Water Elemental (with surfboard), Fire Elemental, and Sleeping Demon.

One of my favorite pictures from the class, a dryad with her fairy friend. I've included a detail picture.

Several days of this class a model didn't show up and we drew one of the students. This one meant a lot to the student, so I gave it to him. I've included a detail.

Another student who I transformed into a woodland sprite.

A Dryad on a Throne, Greek with Faeries, girl with Space Hair, and Kurt as a Satyr.

A student that I transformed into something diabolical.

These pictures are from early on in the class. They are simpler than the above pictures and on white paper. Three pictures of male models: Android, Snake Man, and Ritchie with a big muscular back; two pictures of Jana: a Valkyrie and Earth Elemental; and the first picture from the class.