Al Howe
Life Drawing & Painting

2000 Life Drawing

This is the class where I started modifying the models into something fantasy or sci-fi oriented. The best thing about it is the models love it. They like to walk over during breaks and see what they are becoming. The students also love it.









Aqua Girl poses with a dolphin.

This model was interesting... she was obviously in a bad mood. In the picture where she is sitting, I couldn't help but have her look like she is bored and sitting on the toilet: that was the pose. The picture with her lying was the best from this class. Who could have guessed... crabby model => best picture?

Several pictures from the class: a great gesture of a model with a sheet, a sheet hanging on chairs, a Lizard Man, an Insane Jester, and King Neptune. The picture of Ray as the Insane "Jester" was a play on how we all do "gesture" drawings in the beginning of most life drawing classes. Some people pronounce gesture just like jester and I joke about it.

A picture of Ray as a Satyr. This was the first picture I did where I modified the model into something based on fantasy or science fiction. It had the best response from the teacher and class. The teacher was looking at the picture saying, "nice." And then he finally laughed and said he just noticed the horns. Then I pointed out the hairy goat legs and he was shocked... he hadn't noticed them yet.

Three pictures of faces: Face and Hands, and two that look like marble statues.

Two quick sketches and one drawing. The first is a Jester Drawing (another play on gesture drawings) and the second is a sketch of a devil posing. The third was an interesting idea: drawing the model, and then adding tracing paper and drawing a skeleton in the same pose.

I took this class with my wife, and in one of the classes we chose a partner and drew each other. Here are profile and portrait pictures of her.

This was the first picture from the class.