Al Howe
Life Drawing & Painting

2001 Life Drawing









This was the final picture in the class. We drew the model on 6-foot high pieces of butcher paper. We had 5 hours to draw, and the areas were so big that it took a long time to fill them in with color. I just had to add something to the picture, and went with a feathered dragon. His name is Quetza, after the Aztek god Quetzalcouatl, who was sometimes depicted as a feathered serpent.

We had two models a couple times in this class. We started with quick sketches followed by short poses. The Angel and Devil picture is interesting because the two models looked oddly unhappy with being together. The second picture is a Satyr annd Dryad, and the sketch was one of the better poses from the class.

This model became the King of the Jungle.

Two pictures of a model early in the class: Cat Man Leaps and Damaged Cyborg. In both the model is lying down, but I just had to try something different with Cat Man.