Al Howe
Life Drawing & Painting

I have taken many life drawing classes and have included scans of my better work below. This work spans a 17 year period, from my first class in college to 2005. It is a nice selection because you can see how my art has changed over that time. The work is presented in reverse order, starting with my latest painting in 2005, and ending with an early charcoal drawing in 1988.

I have taken so many classes, not specifically to learn (we are always learning new things), but to keep from getting rusty. My biggest change occurred in mid 2000, when I stopped drawing specifically what was in front of me and started adding to the model... making a satyr, a dryad, an elemental, etc.

Please Note: Most of these images contain nudity because they are from life drawing classes. If nudity offends you or you are not allowed to view it, please enjoy the other parts of my webpage.


Several paintings from a life painting class I took in 2005. It takes a lot longer to paint a small picture then to draw a large one with Conte Crayon, but I love the results.


Lots of work from a life drawing class in 2003. Continuing with sci-fi and fantasy, and using Conte Crayon.


The followup to the 2001 class.


Several pictures from a 2001 class, continuing my sci-fi/fantasy kick. Everything is done in Conte Crayon.


Starting with this class the teacher realized I was there for fun and to continue my skills. On the other hand he gave my plenty of great tips. Halfway through I surprised him by stepping out of the box, and I've never gotten back in.

1996 & Earlier

This section includes work completed for a class in 1996 and a few pictures from college in 1988.