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Other Projects

This section includes several projects I've done that didn't fit into the other categories. There is a book cover for a book named "Over the Threshold," two projects done for Applied Ideas (Celiac Disease CD and the Optivus Building), a better Mousetrap, and an animation of a camera originally designed for 3D-on-the-web.


Robot Girl



Mid to Hi




Over the Threshold

This awesome scene was designed for the cover of the book "Over the Threshold" by Caroline Schmied. This picture includes many small details. Notice that both sides of the window are inside houses.

Celiac Disease CD

This was an interesting project with several fun animations. The project involved making 25 animations for a CD and having them act in time to the dialog. The animations included visualizations of how the disease works and examples of patients with symptoms.

Optivus Building

This was a building designed for a proposal. It included the outside with lobby and atrium, and a second scene of a treatment room. It was modeled with basic textures and exported to 3DS files. I later added the textures seen in the images below. The treatment room was provided by the client and was optimized/remodeled for rendering.


This was designed for a small contest to design a better mousetrap. It uses the lure of cheese and a happy home.

Digital Camera

The digital camera was designed for a 3D-on-the-web simulaton. The animation would play when the image was clicked on.

Demo Reel
2 minutes 55 seconds; 8.39 MB