Al Howe
3D Project List

A3D Max and Maya

While with Applied Ideas, Inc., I designed and wrote 6 Scientific Visualization classes for A3D (the Autodesk Animation Academy). The classes were designed to teach science and train 3D modeling fundamentals in 3ds Max and Maya.

The classes are The Phases of the Moon, Architectural Restoration: The Parthenon, The Digestive System, Weather Systems: Tornadoes, Forensics: Facial Reconstruction, and Capstone. The Capstone project is a one-semester class and includes how to model, texture, rig, and animate the Samurai shown on the characters page.

Each project included a Student Guide, with all the steps needed to complete the project, a Teacher's Guide with more detailed streps, and Max files for each stage of the project.


Robot Girl



Mid to Hi




A3D Max

Several pictures from the 3ds Max projects. Each shows 2 or more images.

Some of the final animations from the A3D Max projects: the Parthenon, the Digestive System Cross-Section, Digestive System Robot, and Tornado.

A3D Maya

Several pictures from the 3ds Max projects. The goal was to get the results as close as possible to the Max projects. For some it was close, and for others the scenes looked quite different.

Here are two of the final animations from Maya: the Digestive System with Robot and Tornado.

Note: These two animations may tell you a codec is missing when you try to play them directly from the webpage. If you right-click on them and choose Save Target As, and then play them from your hard drive, they will play fine.

Demo Reel
2 minutes 55 seconds; 8.39 MB