Al Howe
3D Project List

Characters & Dragons

In this section I've included several characters and a dragon I designed for the GDC (Game Developer Conference), trainings and classes, courseware, and small games. The models are: GDC Dragon, Knight and Horse, Samurai and Creature, and Knightfall Rabbit.

Knightfall is a training game designed with a game engine that was made to train students in game design.


Robot Girl



Mid to Hi




GDC Dragon

I did several models for trainings at the Game Developer's Conference. The dragon was one of them. It was used for a seminar on how to model, map, rig, and animate a game character. The GDC dragon included both 3ds Max and character studio rigs and animations.

Below are two images and several animations of the dragon. The death animation was used in the training game Knightfall. The others are the Max rig animation, the character studio animation, and the custom-made Max rig.


Knight and Horse

The knight and horse were used in five fun chapters that I wrote for the character studio 4 courseware. They have also been used in many other projects including trainings, 3ds Max advanced courseware, and Knightfall. The third animation was the final from the character studio courseware.


Samurai and Creature

These are two other characters designed for games and game design classes. The Creature was designed for the GDC in the year before the the Dragon, also for a seminar on game design. Both have been used in many trainings on modeling and basic game design. I have included a couple of animations of them in action.


Knightfall Rabbit

An evil rabbit was used as one of the bad guys in the game Knightfall. I only did the animations for the rabbit. This animation shows my three animation contributions: a hop and two variant attacks. The Knight, Horse, and Dragon were also used in Knightfall.

Demo Reel
2 minutes 55 seconds; 8.39 MB