Al Howe
3D Project List

Mid to High-Poly Models

The follow are three mid to high-poly models I've designed. First is several heads and a facial animation, second is Lamia, and third is an F-Type Jaguar.


Robot Girl



Mid to Hi




Heads & Facial Animation

I designed a series of heads for a 3ds Max plugin named Head Designer. The heads were ethnic and had to use the same vertex layout. This also allows the heads to be morphed from one to the other.

Of the two animations, the first shows the four faces morphing from one to the other. The second uses the female Asian head with morphs for the phonemes and several expressions. It was then animated to lip-sync a recording.



Lamia was cursed by the gods to eat her own children and then she went insane.

In the older images you can see that backlit Shag:Hair was giving me trouble. The newer images use the hair that comes with 3ds Max 8 and 9. Lamia was originally designed for a contest. The animations show her rotating on a stand.


F-Type Jaguar

The F-Type Jaguar was designed in 3ds Max using Surface Tools. It was the subject of a Surface Tools/Edit Patch tutorial that I wrote several years ago. A red version of the Jaguar was used in an Autodesk ad. The animations show the car rotating on a stand.


Demo Reel
2 minutes 55 seconds; 8.39 MB