Al Howe
3D Project List

Below are listed many of the projects I have worked on over the past several years. Some of these projects were done for Applied Idead, Inc., and others are personal projects.

Here is a link to my Demo Reel
Demo Reel
2 minutes 55 seconds; 8.39 MB

Robot Girl

A female robot modeled with a 5000 polygon limit. This includes many of the progress pictures, maps, and poses.


imstar* was an online chat/game. The project included an avatar with hundreds of interchanngeable hair and clothing, with facial and body animation. It also included a hi-res model for advertising. This includes many pictures and animations.

Characters & Dragons

This section includes several models for trainings at the Game Developer's Conference and for classes and courseware. This includes a Dragon, Knight and Horse, Samurai, and others.

Mid to Hi-Poly Models

Several mid to high poly models I've done for work or on my own. These include several heads for Head Designer, Lamia, and an F-Type Jaguar prototype.

A3D Max & Maya

While with Applied Ideas, I designed and wrote six Scientific Visualization classes for training students in 3ds Max and Maya. The classes taught science while teaching 3D fundamentals at the same time. The 6th class included a fully designed character.


This section includes several other projects I have worked on for work, or on my own. These include a Book Cover, animations for a CD on Celiac Disease, architectural renderings of an Optivus Building, and more.