Al Howe
Various Artwork

Elemental Work

Over the past 15 years or so I have come up with my own elemental mythos. It includes 12 basic elements and a cross between every two elements except opposites. The elements are fun to work on when I have spare time. As with most of my other sections I am showing the work in reverse order of completion. The top two pictures were done on computer (before I had my tablet) and the others were painted in acrylic.

I have a lot of pictures to go through and post, so I'll be updating this section for a while.

Also note: the elemental pictures don't actually depict nudity, but they also don't wear clothes.





A Laser elemental. Computer painted over a scanned drawing.

Dark and Light: two opposing and very powerful elements.

Four elementals originally created for a painting class in college: Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. The Water elemental picture was entered in a Science Fiction & Fantasy Art Show and won honorable mention in the masters division.