Al Howe
Various Artwork

Concept Work

I took a life painting class in 2005. It was quite a learning experience on how to paint with acrylics. The last time I had painted with acrylics was in 1991.

With most of the pictures I've included a close-up detail.





A concept for a woman with a huge hammer as a weapon. She is rogueish and not very happy about what she does. This character is part of a series of characters with huge hammer-like weapons. Her hammer is named The Tenderizer.

This interesting monster with the round head is nicknamed Peter Pumpkin Eater... apparently because his head would be good for eating pumpkins in one bite. Unfortunately it is also good for eating human heads.

This character is based off a race of creatures I created years ago called the Skohkan.

Note: This image contains nudity.

I created this character as an inhabitant of an infernal world. The left picture has a gray-toned background, while the right has a plain white paper background. It's interesting how much darker he looks against white.

A robot I designed a while ago. His main body is composed with a substance called biowire and has metal shielding on top of it. He has a little head held up with bendy struts. I imagine his head would bob up and down as he walks .