Al Howe

Mandelbrot Set

Below I have linked my images of parts of the Mandelbrot Set. They are mostly categorized by their looks for comparison. I considered the first picture, of the full set, to be at a magnification of 1 and then have listed the magnifications of some of the images so you can get an idea of how close you are. Several magnifications are in the billions and trillions.







An image of the entire Mandelbrot Set. All other images were found by magnifying parts of this image and then colorizing them.

Seahorses: Here are three pictures of seahorses in Seahorse Valley. This is the right side of the large division in the Mandelbrot Set. These are pictures of seahorses numbered 25, 81, and 499 showing how they change as you move down the valley. The number refers to how many spokes are radiating out of the center of the seahorse's body. Magnifications of 200, 2160, and 90,700 respectively.

Seahorses with Spikes: These are several pictures of seahorses found on floating sets. Each of these are seahorse 25 on their respective sets. The first image is from the floating set just to the left of the main set, and the second image is a blow up if it's spike. The third and fourth images are from sets farther down (magnifications 150,000 and 306,300).

Whirlpools: Whirlpools are on the opposite side of seahorse valley from the seahorses. These are Whirlpools 16, 61, and 397 respectively. The 397 is approximate, based on it being across from seahorse 499. Unfornately I lost the original picture when the computer died. Whirlpool 16 has a magnification of 330, and 397 a magnification of 84,000.

More Whirlpools: The first two images here are of whirlpool 16 on the floating set just to the left of the main set, and a close up of its spike. The other two pictures are of whirlpools from other places, with multiple arms and odd warpings.

Waves: Waves are found in the valley on the right side of the Mandelbrot Set. The first picture is of Wave 41. The second is of a complex wave found in a highly magnified area with lots of filagree. It has a magnification of 23,640,000. At this magnification, the full set picture would be 3888 x 3574 miles (6257 x 5751 km).

Spirals: Below are spirals from various parts of the Mandelbrot Set. At some point I figured out a code to find the location of any spiral based on the number of spokes coming out of each node. A couple of these are named with that code, but I need to explore the set some more to perfect it again.

Floating Sets, Filagree, and Galaxies: Here are several great pictures from the Mandelbrot Set, all at high magnification. The first is a floating set near seahorse 25, with lots of filagree. The second and third pictures are closeups of parts of floating sets. The last two pictures are of galaxies near floating sets. The first galaxy is near the second wave picture, and the second galaxy is near seahorse 25.

These images are my highest magnifications. They are at magnifications of 63.25 billion, 1 billion, 250 million, 32 trillion, and 202 trillion respectively. At that last magnification, the full set would be over 6 times the size of our solar system..

Other: Last are several more pictures of interesting areas. First is a close up of part of a floating set with filagree, second reminds me of dragons, and the third and fourth are fireworks, one with a whip.