Al Howe

Many years ago I obtained a great Mandelbrot Set program. It was easy to use and had a great method of setting up and transferring color tables. This page shows off many great pictures I have found and made by magnifying parts of the set.


In this section I introduce the program and show several parts of the Mandelbrot Set and how they are named (by me or others). It is for reference when you are looking at the Mandelbrot pictures.

Magnification Example

This is a simple example showing how interesting parts of the Mandelbrot Set are found by selecting a region and magnifying it.

Mandelbrot Pictures

Thirty-two pictures of different parts of the Mandelbrot Set.

Large Mandelbrot Pictures and Wallpaper

Selected pictures from above at very large size. These make great wallpapers, so I've made them available in the correct orientation and at several sizes.